Our Story

Indian river Direct Fruit Truck Orange Man

Our Story

For decades, we've grown from sunny Southern soil just like our fruit. We grow the trees, harvest the fruit, package the best specimens, and barrel down US highways to meet you face-to-face and grove-to-table.

Fruit Truck Grove Harvest

You can hear the Florida sunshine in our voices. When you taste our product, you taste our scientific expertise like sweet-to-sour ratio and perfect pick harvest timing.

Fruit Truck Packaging

We spend a lot of money working with local print newspapers that helps support various communities while also helping us promote our truck schedules to you. And we meet humans from all over the country so we can always be learning different ways to make you happy.

Fruit Truck

Our story is how fresh fruit gets from one climate to others throughout the country. If you have a question about citrus or peaches then we have the answer. If you need a gift for your new neighbors then we have a box for them. If you want to bite into the juiciest fruit on the coldest day of the year then we'll see you in your neighborhood.

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