Indian River Direct

From the farms directly to you

It all started...

For many years, we've grown from sunny Southern soil just like our fruit. 

We grow the trees, harvest the fruit, package the best fruit, and barrel down US highways to meet you face-to-face,  and  directly  giving  it  to  your  hands. There is no importing, not "Where did it come from ?”  

Our team has dedicated themselves to not just harvesting the top crop but also giving you the finest  quality.  As the years come and go our trees flourish. Technology is always emerging in all industries our trees get detailed attention including scientific soil testing to always ensure we provide you not just great tests but also safe to eat for you and the whole family.  We monitor everything from the soil to the water we use. We take pride in bringing you freshness in our trucks. 

We invite you to taste the difference directly  from  the  groves and we promise you will like what you taste.

From our families to yours, 

Indian River Direct